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Cideries, brewer pitch in for courageous new mix to help Alex Community Health

Breweries across Alberta come together to bring a new cider to Calgary shelves in support of The Alex Community Health Center.

During the pandemic, we are seeing more examples of people going out of their way to help individuals, businesses and charities in need.

Brewing companies have started making hand sanitizer to help stores fulfill their need for cleaning supplies. Other breweries are making special ciders and beers with proceeds going to charity.

SunnyCider, Balzac Craft Brewing Company and Field and Forge Brewing Co. have collaborated with to bring their new apple, cherry and vanilla cider to more than 50 liquor stores across Southern Alberta.

‘The heart of community is courage’

The cider’s slogan is “The heart of community is Courage.” It was designed with the belief that during these hard times we are all called upon to be more courageous together.

“When we think about the people that their everyday job is to get out and to put themselves at risk, that’s just what came to mind,” said Tim Kitchen, owner of SunnyCider.

“They’ve got to be courageous to step forward and to want to go out and help even with the uncertainty of their own safety.”

Kitchen wanted to help those that have a harder time self-isolating. The only way he knew how to help was to raise money for an organization that is making a difference.


Supporting The Alex Community Health Centre

The Alex provides care to vulnerable Calgarians with clinical and social components included in their programs. They help move people from poverty and crisis to stability and wellness.

The Alex has had to pivot how they operated their community centre and how their food service reached their clients.

Proceeds from Courage Cider will help The Alex continue providing food services and mental health services to their clients.

Joy Bowen-Eyre, CEO of The Alex, was thrilled when SunnyCider reached out for their campaign and loved the courage theme.

“For our community members who access any of our services at The Alex, it takes courage for them to step in the door and say they need help,” said Bowen Eyre.

“So all in all I think that this partnership is wonderful.”