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Calgary’s East Village grocery store opening ‘much needed’

After what Coun. Druh Farrell called “generations” without an East Village grocery store, Superstore Canada is set to open new area location.

It’s located on the second floor in RioCan’s shopping centre at 428 – 6 Avenue SE. Opening at 7 a.m, the first hour will be dedicated to those most vulnerable. It will open to the general public at 8 a.m. on May 15.

“It’s pretty well placed,” said Neil Meyers, an East Village resident.

“It’s close to all the buildings in East Village, it’s closer to Inglewood, and that part of downtown has nothing as far as [grocery] stores go.”

The closest store that isn’t a smaller boutique operation would be the Safeway in Sunnyside, area residents said. Otherwise, residents can choose between Blush Lane in Bridgeland or Bite in Inglewood.

Residents said where groceries are offered in the area, there may be limited selection or prices are too high for some members of the community.

For Meyers, this grocery store comes as a welcome addition to his neighbourhood.

“[East Village] is kind of in a weird spot in between a whole bunch of stores,” he said.

“But they’re all just far enough away to be inconvenient.”

A grocery store within walking distance

Meyers lives about five blocks from the new location, and will now be able to walk to the grocery store. Since he doesn’t own a car, he was forced to take transit to go grocery shopping.

For many, it was considered a food desert

“I think a lot of people are excited about it,” Coun. Farrell said.

“It is much needed.”

This new Superstore will be the smallest in the city, taking up only 80,000 square feet. The other two Calgary area locations are both over 100,000 square feet.

The East Village location will also feature an underground parking lot, free for 90 minutes with a minimum $20 purchase. Those on bikes will have 25 racks around the building’s perimeter.

“It’ll be great to have a grocery store so close,” said Meyers.