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Calgary’s Next Economy: FixIt Service Pros simplifies homeowner-contractor relationship

How do you know you’re getting a good Calgary contractor for the job you need done?

With experience handling contractors and tradespeople, Sam Beaudoin and Rob Bartko, identified a need to bring homeowners and qualified contractors together in one spot.

The pair came together as Sam was leaving a commercial construction company where he was frustrated over the disorganization. Rob was renovating his home at the time.

“So, he couldn’t imagine what it was like being just a Joe Blow homeowner who has no construction experience,” said Beaudoin.

“We realized that the solution to both our issues was to combine both parties and that’s why we paired the contractor with the homeowner.”

That’s when FixIt Service Pros was launched.

FixIt is an online platform that brings homeowners, landlords, tenants together with qualified contractors to complete home maintenance and renovation jobs.

It also provides back end administration services for contractors, so they can focus on the job. Not the paperwork.

Bartko said they want the whole process to be as easy as ordering a pizza or an Uber.

“There’s a hassle with finding the right contractor, knowing if you’re getting the right price on it, not knowing who to call with these deficiencies,” said Bartko.

“We’re making one platform where the homeowner can find a trusted contractor.”

Their vetting process weeds out the questionable contractors – and clients. Both Beaudoin and Bartko have years of construction experience, so they know what to look for.

FixIt is a simple connection

Both Bartko and Beaudoin want the process to be simple.

Contractors can sign up, go through the vetting process, be paired with incoming jobs and have their administration handled. Their systems helps contractors find jobs with qualified clients.

Property owners can sign up, post a listing of what they need, and they’re paired with a reputable contractor.  Owners provide a description of the work, pictures and when its best for the work to be done.

Rates for the work are provided upfront.

They want to make the process more efficient for everyone involved.

“Right now, we can serve as contractors. But ultimately, we’d like to optimize labor allocation in the construction industry,” said Bartko.

Calgary launch in Spring 2020

The construction duo is ready to roll.

Their work with Platform Calgary’s Junction program came at the perfect time. They wanted to build their expertise in the startup world and get the mentoring they needed to build the right foundation for FixIt.

That’s set them up to construct the right product that simplifies an often-complicated problem for homeowners – finding a contractor.  It gives peace of mind to the contractor, too.

Construction is notoriously disorganized, said Bartko. There are a lot of experts and a typical process.

“Buildings are being built, and they’re being renovated right now just fine,” he said.

“But there’s a lot of inefficiencies. And we believe that we can use technology to eliminate those inefficiencies. It then allows us to extend savings to the purchaser or the buyer on the other end of the contract, and just create a much more streamlined process.”