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Multiple Easter Bunny sightings in Calgary community of Renfrew

For this event, the Easter Bunny called in reinforcements.

As such, there were four hare-y recruits hopping around the Calgary community of Renfrew, delivering Easter joy during coronavirus isolation.

Mary Grace Linton, Events and Volunteers coordinator with the Renfrew Community Association, said they started their Easter planning at the beginning of March. They’d purchased all their craft supplies and goodies for their annual event at the community hall.

Then COVID-19 hit, public health restrictions were put into place, and they needed a new plan.

That’s when their volunteer team sprang into action.

One volunteer used to do Easter Bunny visits and had six costumes that hadn’t been used for six years. Four more volunteers stepped up to don the suits and hit the streets in Renfrew.

“We just thought to be able to show people, our neighbors, that we are here for each other and bringing the joy to the kids. They’re the ones that are probably the most not having fun being inside and not able to do activities they’d want to do today,” said Linton.

Craft bags were delivered to kids in Renfrew. CONTRIBUTED

The craft bags were delivered to doorsteps in the community by Friday. They were prepped at the hall (with the cleanest of hands) and volunteers made the deliveries.

Easter Bunnies hit the streets Sunday for sidewalk visits where they waved and danced and blew kisses to the kids. (OK, maybe some of the adults, too.) Already, the response they’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive.

Linton said their community often has events throughout the year to bring neighbours together. This one they had to do a little different.

“It’s really great to be able to give the community events and like fun things to do and bring people together,” she said.

Kids in the community got a wave and a dance from the Easter Bunnies busily hopping around the neighbourhood! CONTRIBUTED

‘It’s such happiness on the kids’ faces…’

With spirits a little dimmer than normal, and the current COVID-19 restrictions, Linton said she wanted to community to know that they were all in this together.

“It just feels me up. This cup that was getting empty with being cooped up inside and not being able to do my normal activities. It’s just overwhelming,” said Linton.

“It’s such happiness on these kids’ faces that are getting this visit and being able to do crafts they wouldn’t have at their house.”

Easter is a perfect time for this, too, said Linton.

“Easter is such a good time, too. This is what Jesus would have done for his people,” she said.

“We’re able to share happiness, love and light with the world.”