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Rear boarding required for Calgary Transit buses starting March 20 to protect drivers, riders from coronavirus spread

Days after announcing only Route 300 would have rear-entry on buses, Calgary Transit will now be asking all commuters to do so.

They’re taking this follow-up measure to further protect their drivers and to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Calgary Transit wanted to reduce the number of interactions between their drivers and the riders, and increase the physical distancing, reads a city release.

“Through this difficult time, we thank Calgarians for being honest and paying their fares,” said Russell Davies, Acting Director, Calgary Transit, in a prepared release delivered Wednesday night.

“This is an honour-system approach. Let’s come together as a community to keep our city safe.”

Calgary Transit riders are being asked to rip up single-use tickets when they board from the rear – and to purchase single-use tickets where possible.

In addition to this, Calgary Transit Access will be limited to two passengers aboard all vehicles. Again, this is to reduce contact between clients and their contact with the drivers.

With a decline in trip requests, there are no anticipated impacts to the service delivery of Calgary Transit access.

Calgary Transit vehicles are being cleaned with anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents, including all high-touch points like grab bars and seats, the release read.

City Census collection will be suspended

On their website, the City of Calgary indicated that the upcoming civic census will be postponed.

“We are working with the census team and our partners to explore completing the census later this year or possibly next year. The decision will be made at a later date,” the website reads.

A city committee recommended the city skip the 2021 census already as it might conflict with the federal census expected next year. The city could save $800,000 by not conducting the 2021 census.