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Calgary dog owner pleads for pup’s safe return


Tucker is back home safe and sound, Palmquist said, thanks, in part, to a neighbour’s video footage that showed what looked like the car speeding down an alleyway.

“I took it upon myself to walk to this area, about four blocks from me, and try to scope out more cameras that I might be able to ask tenants for footage,” she said.

“Instead, I called Tucker’s name and he came running our (from hiding). (He was) so scared looking, but happy to see his family.”

Tucker was hiding right by where the footage was taken, she added.


Amber Palmquist had a pet owner’s worst nightmare play out right in front of her and now all she wants is Tucker’s return.

Palmquist’s three-year-old mini Australian Shepard mix Tucker was apparently swiped near her Centre B Street and 34 Avenue NW home around 10 p.m. Wednesday.

“Normally when I let Tucker out, he just stays in the backyard and never ever strays away,” said Palmquist. “We have a downstairs neighbour who was out with her dog, and I think her dog strayed to the front yard and Tucker must’ve (followed) at that point.”

She said her roommate caught a glimpse of someone in a silver car trying to take both dogs, but only managed to nab Tucker.

Laying chase on foot, Palmquist and her roommate were unable to reach the vehicle.

“(The car) kept speeding up, and slowing down, and blinking their lights and kind of taunting us,” Palmquist said.

“They sped up and got away and we weren’t able to find them. He doesn’t like to stray too far from home. It baffles me how quickly they were even able to get him in their car. I don’t really see him as the type of dog to even go up to a stranger.”

Palmquist and her roommate did locate a police officer. Palmquist said she’ll be filing an official report Thursday.

Calgary police said they’re looking into the matter. They couldn’t confirm the incident at this time.

Social media response overwhelming

Tucker, she said, is a high-energy brown dog with a white chest and can be nervous around other people.

Palmquist said she hasn’t slept since the incident and took to social media to spread the word with the hope Calgarians will keep their eye out for the dog she’s had since it was a three-month-old pup.

“I’ve had an overwhelming response via sharing on social media, so I am feeling pretty hopeful,” she said. “It was a $1,000 (reward), but I had some people reach out with donations so it’s been boosted to $2,000.”

As for whoever took Tucker, Palmquist said she just wants her dog back.

“I hope they have it in their heart to return him as he is a beloved family member and is loved by many people,” she said. “He has very special needs and only I can give those to him. I hope they have it in their heart to give him back.”

Anyone with information can contact Palmquist at 587-777-6728.