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Common Ground YYC – Season 2, Episode 1: Calgary’s independent journalism

After a successful first season, we’re back with Common Ground YYC – albeit with a little different format.

Former host Josh White had to move on to a different job that conflicted with the podcast production, so enter New Forum magazine editor Silvia Pikal and LiveWire Calgary editor, Darren Krause.

They’ll continue the tradition Josh White set out, by having in-depth conversations with Calgarians on a wide range of timely and relevant topics.

In this season 2 launch episode, we sat down with Kate Jacobson from the Alberta Advantage and Jeremy Klaszus from the Sprawl to talk about the growing independent journalism movement in Calgary.

With recent news that the StarMetro newspaper will be closed down in Calgary, and a summertime piece by Canadian independent Canadaland on Postmedia’s right-leaning direction, there’s never been a time where more people ask, “where am I going to get my information?”

We talk about the place of independent journalism to fill the gaps in local news coverage, the challenges and whether the future looks bright for indie publishers in Calgary.