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Calgary Federal Election Results 2019

It’s a Conservative Party clean sweep in Calgary as the 2019 Federal Election results are finalized across Canada.

Back in 2015, the Conservatives held eight city seats. The Liberals held two ridings: Calgary Centre and Calgary Skyview.

Calgary Skyview MP Darshan Kang resigned from the Liberal caucus amid allegations of sexual assault in 2017. He did not run in the 2019 federal election.

Calgary Centre was the only city riding still held by a Liberal — Kent Hehr. He lost the seat Monday night to Conservative Greg McLean.

Hehr was once minister of veterans affairs and shuffled to minister of sports and persons with disabilities. He resigned from the Liberal cabinet but remained in the Liberal caucus after allegations of inappropriate behaviour back in 2018.

Here’s an unofficial federal election results breakdown of who won in each Calgary riding (as of 10 p.m. MST)

Calgary Centre

15,507 Greg McLean, Conservative Party 

7,706 Kent Hehr, Liberal Party

3,052 Jessica Buresi, New Democratic Party

1,293 Thana Boonlert, Green Party

366 Chevy Johnston, People’s Party of Canada

Calgary Confederation

29,940 Len Webber, Conservative Party (incumbent)

12,288 Jordan Stein, Liberal Party

6,114 Gurcharan Singh Sidhu, New Democratic Party

4,658 Natalie Odd, Green Party

916 Colin Korol People’s Party of Canada

Calgary Forest Lawn

11,579 Jasraj Singh Hallan, Conservative Party

3,891 Jag Anand, Liberal Party

2,101 Joe Pimlott, New Democratic Party

645 William Carnegie, Green Party

580 Dave Levesque, People’s Party of Canada

Calgary Heritage

32,907 Bob Benzen, Conservative Party (incumbent)

6,268 Scott Forsyth, Liberal Party

4,028 Holly Heffernan, New Democratic Party

1,630 Allie Tulick, Green Party

883 Stephanie Hoeppner, People’s Party of Canada

Calgary Midnapore 

44,103 Stephanie Kusie, Conservative Party (incumbent)

6,648 Brian Aalto, Liberal Party

5,751 Gurmit Bhachu, New Democratic Party

1,779 Taylor Stasila, Green Party

1,426 Edward Gao, People’s Party of Canada

Calgary Nose Hill

33,140 Michelle Rempel, Conservative Party (incumbent)

7,582 Josephine Tsang, Liberal Party

4,527 Patrick King, New Democratic Party

1,320 Jocelyn Grosse, Green Party

942 Kelly Lorencz, People’s Party of Canada

Calgary Rocky Ridge

24,420 Pat Kelly, Conservative Party (incumbent)

7,571 Todd Kathol, Liberal Party

3,622 Nathan LeBlanc Fortin, New Democratic Party

1,131 Catriona Wright, Green Party

564 Typer Poulin, People’s Party of Canada

Calgary Shepard

25,964 Tom Kmiec, Conservative Party (incumbent)

4,121 Del Arnold, Liberal Party

3,457 David Brian Smith, New Democratic Party

1,206 Evelyn Tanaka, Green Party

934 Kyle Scott, People’s Party of Canada

Calgary Signal Hill

36,970 Ron Liepert, Conservative Party (incumbent)

8,296 Ghada Alatrash, Liberal Party

4,589 Khalis Ahmed, New Democratic Party

1,840 Marco Reid, Green Party

943 Gord Squire, People’s Party of Canada

Calgary Skyview

11,610 Jag Sahota, Conservative Party

5,714 Nirmala Naidoo, Liberal Party

3,058 Guider Singh Gill, New Democratic Party

379 Signe Knutson, Green Party

278 Harry Dhillon, People’s Party of Canada