Calgary-Centre MP Kent Hehr to remain in Liberal caucus

Two women alleged Hehr made lewd comments or touched them inappropriately

An investigation into Calgary-Centre MP Kent Hehr has concluded and the politican will remain in the Liberal caucus.

Calgary-Centre MP Kent Hehr says he has been cleared after an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct.

In a statement sent out via Twitter Wednesday afternoon, Hehr said the investigation into his conduct had concluded.

The MP said he had no recollection of his conduct in regards to one complaint, which happened 10 years ago. He did note that he apologized to that woman, and he hopes she can move forward positively.

Hehr also apologized to a second complainant who alleged inappropriate touching.

“The report was clear that any contact was unintentional,” said Hehr in the statement. “I did not know it happened and I did not mean for it to happen.”

The statement Kent Hehr released via Twitter.

He noted that he is a C5 quadriplegic with limited control of his arms.

“While my disability explains much, it does not dismiss the feelings of those with whom I interact.”

Hehr was forced to resign from cabinet as a result of the allegations, although Prime Minister Justin Trudeau allowed him to remain within the Liberal caucus pending the outcome of the investigation.


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