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Federal political parties respond to YYC Matters campaign ahead of election

With 10 days left before the federal election, the City of Calgary has unveiled answers by federal political parties to its YYC Matters campaign.

YYC Matters is an online platform highlighting priorities important to the City.

The survey was sent to five parties with candidates in Calgary: Convervative Party, Green Party, Liberal Party, NDP and the People’s Party of Canada. It asked candidates about strategies for economic recovery, supporting the energy industry, investing in public infrastructure, immigration and public transit


All five parties, for example, were asked how they will support Calgary’s economic recovery. 

The Conservatives and the People’s Party said they recognize the vital role Alberta’s energy sector contributes to the economy. While the NDP, Liberals and Green Party generally said they encourage economic diversification. 

Other questions included what the party’s plan is to address mental health and addiction, their positions on immigration and what can be done on improving federal-municipal relations. 

Supporting public transit in Calgary

Parties were also asked how they will support public transit in Calgary. Only the Conservatives and the Liberals specifically mentioned the Green Line project. 

The Conservative party said they will prioritize projects that reduce commute times. However, the party says with approximately $300 million already spent on the project without a single metre of track being laid is unacceptable. To commit more tax dollars to the project, would be poor political judgement. 

“Calgarians have watched city council decrease the reach of the project by about 75%, while increasing the cost by billions. Bluntly put, decisions have been made by council which prevent the communities that need the train the most from getting it,” their statement reads.

In their platform, the Conservative Party does commit to providing a public transit tax incentive for individuals.

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On the other hand, the Liberals say they would move forward with making a federal commitment to fund public transit permanent. 

They point to providing funding for Calgary projects in the past. 

“In the last election, the Prime Minister promised that a Liberal government would provide crucial and significant funding to help Calgary with the costs of flood mitigation, and continue the $1.5 billion in funding for the C-Train Green Line which will expand service to the nearly 300,000 people who live along its corridor. And we did just that.” 

Important to see where party priorities lie: Nenshi

Mayor Naheed Nenshi said the survey is important for Calgarians to see where parties’ priorities lie ahead of the federal election.

“Cities are key to our country’s future prosperity,” Nenshi said in a release. 

“We do this survey so Calgarians can see the parties’ Calgary strategy before they head to the polls. They’re now on the record for everyone to see the commitments to get Calgary back to being Canada’s economic engine.”

For more details on responses from all five parties visit yycmatters.ca.