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Poisoned food found in northwest Calgary park

Police are asking residents in a northwest Calgary community to be on alert after poisoned food was found in an area greenspace.

Calgary police received reports of suspicious food and substances in a greenspace next to Evanston Square NW on Aug 15. Two more calls were made on Aug. 16 and Aug. 17 and police believe the incidents are related.

Substances from the area were tested by the Calgary Fire Department’s hazardous materials team and determined to be poisonous.

One area resident told LiveWire Calgary that a series of these types of incidents have been going on for two months.

Evanston resident Alev Beck said at least one animal was poisoned two months ago and rushed to animal hospital and another incident a month ago where a steak was thrown into a pet owner’s backyard.

“It is really affecting me and everybody else,” Beck said.

“We all are really pet lovers here.”

Alev Beck and her dog Zeus in the northwest Calgary community of Evanston. CHELSEY MUTTER / LIVEWIRE CALGARY

Beck’s dog, Zeus, is a companion dog and he’s very well trained and doesn’t need a leash. Now she said she can’t just let him out of the house. Beck’s lived in the area for 10 years and she said this is the first time this has happened.

“I hope somebody can help us. This is a ridiculous problem,” Beck said.

Area resident Jordan Tessman, 23, was walking his four-year-old dog in the area Thursday morning and said he was on edge after hearing about the incident.

“Kinda scary,” Tessman said.

“That’s actually where I (live) around.”

Police spoke with media Thursday morning and indicated the poisoned food found in the area was a mixture of pizza crusts and other food leftovers, and household solvents like peroxide.

Area resident Jordan Tessman said he’ll be more cautious when walking his dog. CHELSEY MUTTER / LIVEWIRE CALGARY

Tessman said he hopes the Calgary police are able to find who might have left the poisoned food in the area. And in the meantime he’ll keep a closer eye on his pooch.

“Just be more cautious,” Tessman said.

“Obviously, he has the muzzle, so I do keep a good eye on him.”

Police continue to investigate and are asking area residents to report any suspicious behaviour they observe in the area. They’re also reminding pet owners to exercise caution with their animals to make sure they don’t contact or eat unknown substances.

Anyone with information regarding these incidents is asked to contact the Calgary Police Service non-emergency number at 403-266-1234.

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