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LiveWire Calgary In-House podcast: David Spence – 40 years of broadcasting

David Spence is a “well known” Calgary meteorologist with a career spanning 40 years. (You’ll see what we mean by well-known when you listen.)

He didn’t start off in weather though.

Spence certainly isn’t ready to hang it up yet, but he sat down with LiveWire Calgary editor Darren Krause to chat about the past four decades and how his career as a meteorologist took shape.

We also talked with him about David Spence outside the weather, his battle with prostate cancer and what happened during Calgary’s 2013 floods.

He also shares with us his most memorable moment forecasting the weather.

To help you along the way, we’ve created this time stamp road map so you can navigate to the parts you want to hear most:

10:17 – Most memorable moment in 40 years.

14:28 – Was the 2013 weather that resulted in the historic floods predictable?

16:38 – David’s pursuits outside weather forecasting

17:57 – David’s battle with prostate cancer, PSA testing and why he kept it private for two years after his diagnosis

22:58: Why he hasn’t gone back to the mustachioed man we once knew

25:10 – The big change in weather forecasting. How has it changed? The role of social media for the TV meteorologist

30:48 – The “Calgary weather changes every 10 minutes” meme is hogwash. Every city deals with their own weather.

32:55 – Would you consider yourself a celebrity?

We hope you enjoy our conversation!