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‘I’m being ragdolled’ – Calgary man beaten, saxophone swiped

It was a night Kieran Kirchner said he’ll remember for the rest of his life.

After busking on the Peace Bridge and jamming with his friends, he was making his way home to sleep. At around 1 a.m. on Aug. 1, Kirchner approached the 3rd Street LRT platform in downtown Calgary.

“As I am walking up the platform I just get blindsided to the right side of the face. My glasses go. I took about six or seven shots to the head. I go down and I get pepper sprayed. The next thing I remember is EMS waking me up by pouring water through my eyes,” said Kirchner.

When he checked his belongings, Kirchner said the attackers didn’t steal his wallet or anything else. Instead, they took his treasured Julius Keilwerth saxophone – worth around $5,000. 

Kirchner’s stolen saxophone was a Julius Keilwerth with serial number JKSX90-R, s/n 113738. Photo Courtesy Kieran Kirchner

“I’ve had that horn for the last 20 of my 28 years of playing. It’s like my wife is gone. What does it mean to you? Well, what do peoples wives mean to them?” Kirchner asked.

Insufficient evidence to proceed with investigation, say Calgary police

The Calgary Police Service confirmed officers responded seven minutes after a call was made on Aug. 1 just after 1 a.m to the 3rd Street LRT station in downtown. When officers arrived police say they found a man who had been attacked and sprayed with either pepper or bear spray.

A spokesperson with the force said there’s insufficient evidence to proceed with an investigation. CPS says more evidence would need to be submitted in order to move forward.

Kirchner says he’s disappointed to learn there may not be an investigation.

“This didn’t happen in an alley with no witnesses,” said Kirchner.

“The thing is I couldn’t see and I’m being ragdolled and I have no idea who did this. I have no physical description of them, they didn’t even speak during the attack.”

Saxophone fundraiser hitting the right note

The Blind Beggar is hosting a fundraiser for Kirchner in hopes of raising enough money to purchase a new saxophone. On its Facebook event page the pub says they’ll be taking in cash donations and contributing money from food and drinks to the cause.

Kirchner has also launched a GoFundMe to raise money for a down payment on a new horn. He said for everyone that donates he’d be happy to give them a saxophone lesson. 

“I am shocked at the amount of support I have gotten for this. If it wasn’t for everyone being so nice, I would probably be exceptionally depressed right now,” said Kirchner.

“I’m really angry, but I’m also really touched.”