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Cardboard head missing from Calgary Folk Fest is found: On Instagram

Calgarians might have seen a bodiless head throughout the city this past week, but it’s not from any recent revolution.

It’s the cardboard head of X92.9 radio host Andrew Beckler. 

According to Beckler, the heads of he and his co-host Seanna Jefferson were replicated by the station’s promo team. The idea was to have them as a photobooth type prop that they could take on the road with them to meet people. 

“This past weekend at a Calgary Folk Fest, I guess the street team was distracted and someone grabbed my head, and they took off with it,” Beckler said.

The whereabouts of Beckler’s head were a mystery until an Instagram page was created and began to post pictures of the cardboard head. According to the page, The Beckler Incident, they were not the people who took the head originally. 

“Beckler was all alone on the hood of a Mercedes and we saved him,” stated the Instagram page’s bio.

Another mystery is why the Instagram account follows only three people; none of whom are Beckler. 

“I don’t know if they didn’t want me to know, or wanted me to find out indirectly,” said Beckler.  

“The account only follows three people: It follows the station, and my co-host Seanna, and then our music director Matt Berry.”

Beckler said he was initially concerned that the Instagram page would create weird images with his likeness. But, he said, it’s been fun to watch the account, even if it is probably the weirdest moment of his radio career. 

Beckler said he would disagree with the Instagram page creator(s) using his likeness to support things he doesn’t. Bringing his face to an anti-pipeline protest, he said, he wouldn’t agree with. But, he said he was very supportive of the account having fun.

“If they want to have fun, I’d like to see them take me clubbing or something,” Beckler said. 

“At a concert, maybe, in a crowd of people and there’s my big dumb head sticking up above everyone.”

LiveWire reached out to The Beckler Incident instagram page but received no response. See their photos here.