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Calgary cycling trip opens people up to conversation about sustainable transportation

Calgary cyclers will be able to celebrate their sustainable transportation methods this Sunday with the International Avenue BRZ. 

The Tour de Purple event is open to everyone and free. Dimitri Giannoulis, project coordinator for the International Avenue BRZ, said the event is a way to support sustainable transportation. 

“A way I devised to do that was as simple as just giving people a reason to, not only come together and pedal together, but to also just talk about cycling and walking and transit,” said Giannoulis.

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“Just have a reason to get together and be peers and discuss it and do some sort of grassroots advocacy.”

He said this is an exciting time for the International Avenue because they’re getting new bike infrastructure plus the new BRT system. This, he said, makes it the perfect time to be discussing the future of sustainable transportation. 

Bring awareness to Calgary cycling

B&P Cycle & Sports is co-hosting the event. Jeff Hills, assistant manager at B&P, said this event was a great way to bring awareness to Calgary cycling and other modes of sustainable transportation.

“And with all the new bike paths and bike lanes in the city. You know, people can get around a lot easier on a bike and than in a vehicle,” said Hills.

Giannoulis said he hopes to provide some sort of forum for people to share their opinions on sustainable transportation. He said it might be cool to collect people’s opinions in a more informal way.

Hills said he was excited about the event because of the sense of community it could create. Spreading knowledge about bike paths and helping introduce people to them was also going to bring people together, he said.

The bike ride will start at B&P Cycle & Sports and go downtown to a building called the Grand. The Tour de Purple happens July 21 at 10 a.m.