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Calgarians celebrate Neighbour Day in their communities

The 2013 floods left portions of Calgary underwater and hundreds with damaged homes.

Neighbour Day officially began in 2014 to celebrate the flood support that happened within communities. Since then it has become an annual event meant to celebrate community and neighbourly support and generosity.

Here’s a look at just a few of the celebrations that happened June 15.

Parkdale Community Association

Residents were able to get their face-painted in Parkdale
Energy was high in Parkdale as the sun was shining and food was being served.

Music was blasting walking up to the Parkdale Neighbour day. Residents said the day was about celebrating the community. Even though the 2013 floods didn’t hugely affect Parkdale, community members said the day still helped them feel safe. Bringing community members together created a sense of lasting community.

Crossroads Community Association

Residents of Belfast were given free plants at their community’s Neighbour Day.
The group responsible for the community garden was ready to enjoy Neighbour Day with their fellow residents.

Residents of Belfast came out to Neighbour Day to see the designs for the community’s upcoming community garden. The garden organizers said they thought this was the perfect day to show the community their plans. They were giving out plantable flowers to residents and said they felt the day was about coming together as a community,

Erinwoods Community Association

Erinwoods residents could hear the music blasting blocks away.
Children enjoyed a bouncy castle at the Erinwoods Neighbour Day.

Erinwood residents said Neighbour Day was about sharing and connecting with other community members.  The floods didn’t hit the area, but residents said it was still about coming together as a community to support each other. This was the second time the community celebrated the day and one of the coordinators said they were able to make this year even bigger and better than previous years.

Cliff Bungalow – Mission Community Association

Cliff Bungalow – Mission residents took cover part way through their celebration as the rain started to fall.
Residents were excited about the free food and music at their Neighbour Day.

Mission was hit hard during the 2013 floods. Residents said they lost power for a week and could remember everyone coming together to help keep homes safes and dry. Neighbour Day was a day to remember the floods, but also to celebrate the community. Residents who moved in after the flood said they understood the significance, but mainly came for the food, music, and sense of community.