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Calgary Transit adds text option to report safety concerns

Calgary Transit users that may fear the public use of the on-board help phones during a potential safety situation, now have a new, discreet way to get assistance.

With the Transit Watch program, commuters can now text any potential issue to 74100 and communicate in real time, 24/7 with Calgary Transit employees. According to Calgary Transit, the text messages are handled with the same urgency as the help phone activation.

“Safety is a key element of our customer commitment,” said Doug Morgan, director of Calgary Transit, in a prepared release.

“We want to ensure our customers always feel safe whenever they ride with us and this new tool will continue to improve the safety and security of the Calgary Transit system.”

Any safety issues can be raised through the text line. Calgary Transit does ask that all inquires regarding routes or schedules be accessed through their app, online or via Twitter.

Emergency situations should still be handled by calling 9-1-1, Calgary Transit said.

Now security concerns can be handled through the Transit Watch program by calling 262-1000, option#1, on-board help phones and now text.