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Calgary Tower extension plan pitched by Coun. Woolley

Editor’s Note: In case you missed it, this was an April Fools’ Day joke. As per the tradition of not playing pranks after noon, we’re adding this disclaimer.

The Calgary Tower could once again rise atop the city’s skyline should an urgent notice of motion coming before city council Monday be approved.

Coun. Evan Woolley will deliver the notice of motion to the April 1 city council meeting, asking for administration to “undertake a transformation of the Calgary Tower.”

“AND WHEREAS adaptive repurposing of beloved architecture has been used around the world to revitalize and inspire,” Woolley’s motion read.

Under Woolley’s plan, the Tower, which currently stands at 191 metres, would be extended to at least 275 metres. If approved, once construction is complete the structure would be 28 metres taller than Calgary’s tallest building, Brookfield Place East (247 metres), and 39 metres taller than the Bow building.

Woolley’s plan would allow the Calgary Tower to once again become the city’s tallest structure

“I remember going up the Calgary Tower as a child, thinking it was so tall and majestic,” said Woolley. “It saddens me to think that we’re losing our heritage by usurping the Tower’s status. I’m thrilled about the new plans for the Tower and really looking forward to being able to see my house from the elevated observation deck.”

The Calgary Tower, completed in 1968, was a symbol of Calgary’s emergence as a major oil and gas powerhouse. Originally called the Husky Tower, launched as an urban renewal partnership between Husky Oil and Marathon Realty Company, the tower celebrated the 1967 Canada centennial.

Technical drawings of the tower extension. CONTRIBUTED

The tower was once an iconic landmark, recognized worldwide as the predominant feature in Calgary’s growing skyline. It wasn’t until 1983 when the Petro Canada Centre’s west tower took over as the tallest structure, followed by the Bankers Hall towers.

Along with increasing the tower height, Woolley’s idea would provide for a modern extension system that would temporarily increase the Tower’s height during special events. He’d also like to explore options to make the flame at the top of the Calgary Tower visible from all of Calgary’s communities.

Local architecture firm, MoDa has been selected to oversee design of the revamped monolith.

The motion, delivered on April Fool’s Day, asks for administration to report back to council with final design, budget implications and construction plans for the third quarter in 2019.