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Common Ground YYC – Episode 8: Mayor Naheed Nenshi, pt. 2

We first talked with Mayor Nenshi on the Common Ground YYC podcast back in October  – and now we’re following up with part two of that conversation.

Host Josh White covers a lot of ground with the mayor, including transit projects, Calgary’s economy, tax disparity and more.

They talk about the new BRT lines, including the unique 17 Avenue SE multi-modal bridge – the only one in Calgary.

They also chat about some of the areas of economic growth that the city’s focusing on. We hit on two of those areas in local news stories: Billboards in Los Angeles promoting Calgary and area as a film hub, and a recent one on the growth of agri-business, including indoor commercial growers.

Mayor Nenshi also talks about the city’s property tax, saying, “property tax is a lousy way of taxing people. It’s a particularly lousy way of taxing businesses because it has no relation to how well your business is doing.”

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