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Common Ground YYC – Episode 7: Calgary development roundtable

Suburban growth or inner city? That’s the question. What about both?

In Episode 7 of the Common Ground YYC podcast, host Josh White (who is a developer), talks with a handful of Calgary developers and urban planning professionals.

Joining Josh are: Inner city developer Al Devani from rndsqr, Peter Schryvers, Joel Tiedemann from Anthem Developments and Bob van Wegen, Executive Director of the Marda Loop Business Improvement Area, and they chat about about some of the challenges ahead in meeting the Municipal Development Plan’s (MDP) density and development targets over the next 50 years.

It’s been a hot topic of late, with the potential cuts proposed to the Main Streets program, the cost of inner city development and how established communities can get the much-needed public realm improvements.

LiveWire also produced a piece recently on how Calgary’s new suburbs are more dense than some established neighbourhoods – and they call it the third ring.

Join Josh and guests for a robust discussion on development in Calgary and what lies and ahead and what needs to be done in order to keep Calgary growing in a responsible and sustainable way.