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Edmonton Trail Street Party to celebrate area’s past, present and future

This Saturday, August 18 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the Renfrew Community Association will use what is normally a parking lane on the east side of Edmonton Trail from 7 Avenue to 8 Avenue NE for a temporary parklet with lots of fun activities and events for all ages!
This unofficial ‘diner district’ of Calgary will play host to short, free, recreational activities, kids’ events, bike activities, and many other fun things. Some restaurants on the block will have take-out menu options, other restaurants from Renfrew will be setting up pop-up locations in the parklet.

For a full list of activities see www.renfrewyyc.ca/edmonton-trail-day.

A poster in a local store says “Celebrate Edmonton Trail Days” but doesn’t include details about when, how long, or what parts of Edmonton Trail were celebrated. Based on the poster’s view of the Calgary Tower, it may be a picture of Centre Street! However, it gave a name to this new event.

Edmonton Trail began as a trail connecting Calgary and Edmonton, a role it played until Barlow Trail and later Deerfoot Trail became Highway 2. During the pre-World War I building boom, 3 Street NE, as it was then known, became Regal Terrace’s high street with grocers, butchers, and offices. Today, Edmonton Trail serves both of its historic purposes as a corridor to go through and a place to go to.

Join us on August 18th to celebrate what Edmonton Trail was, is, and can become.