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Alberta NDP accuse United Conservative leader, former member of misusing funds

EDMONTON — Alberta’s NDP caucus is accusing United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney and one of his former caucus members of misusing public money to promote their party.

The caucus says it has asked the Speaker of the legislature to investigate a bill submitted by Calgary MLA Prab Gill for more than $7,000 to reimburse him for hosting a banquet in February.

Kenney spoke at the banquet in Calgary and, in his speech, urged members in the audience to sign up and run as party candidates.

Legislature rules dictate that public money cannot be used for partisan political activities.

The NDP says Gill and Kenney should reimburse the treasury.

The United Conservative Party did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Gill quit the United Conservative caucus over the weekend following a report into allegations of ballot-box stuffing and other voting irregularities at a recent party meeting of the Calgary-North East constituency.

The report has not been made public.


The Canadian Press