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Athlete’s stolen wheelchair, car recovered at church parking lot

A Calgarian who hopes to compete in the Paralympics had his customized wheelchair and stolen vehicle returned on Tuesday morning.

Dalten Campbell told LiveWire Calgary that his Dodge Magnum turned up in a church parking lot on Tuesday morning, and his wheelchair was inside.

“I was contacted around 10:30 this morning by a constable with the Calgary Police Service to inform me that a pastor of Crescent Heights Church found my vehicle parked behind his place of worship,” said Campbell in a text message.

The pastor who called police was Pastor John Huh with Crescent Heights Baptist Church.

Huh had seen the car the day before in the parking lot and thought it seemed out-of-place. It was only after he heard about Campbell’s theft through news media that he put two and two together.

“I came and saw the car this morning so I called 911, I gave the plate, and it was the stolen vehicle,” said Huh.

The pastor blocked in the car with his own vehicle, just to be safe, until police arrived.

Campbell plays for the Calgary Grizzlies and is hoping to attend a camp in July which could put him on the road to the Paralympics.

He suffered a spinal injury while at work in 2012 and has been playing wheelchair basketball since 2013.

Campbell said he was grateful to the entire community of Calgary for helping spread the word about his stolen wheelchair.

“I absolutely must thank you from the bottom of my heart,” he said.