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Currie’s Alexandria Park slated for redevelopment; citizen input needed

Citizen input is being sought for the redevelopment of a tract of land in the Calgary community of Currie known as Alexandria Park.

The Canada Lands Company (CLC) has already launched an online portal and will be hosting a Solstice Party at the park June 21 between 4 and 8 p.m. at the Currie Airport playground. A sounding board is also available at the site with information available and where community input can be submitted.

Chris Elkey, Vice President, Real Estate (West) with CLC said the redevelopment of Alexandria Park has long been a part of the community’s master plan, and though concepts such as general locations of pathways and the potential areas for programming such as playgrounds, dog parks or barbecue areas were identified, nothing was set in stone.

“We wanted to start bringing on some of those park space amenities and we feel it’s the right time to do that,” Elkey said, noting that the 13-acre park in the northwest corner of Currie has generally been an open space since it was operating as a Canadian Forces Base.

The area is home to two historic buildings (K3 and K4) and well as the Trasimene Crescent Historic Walk, a provincially protected landscape.

Construction is anticipated to start next year and then finish up in 2020.

“What we really want is the residents of Currie, our neighbours and Calgarians generally to provide input into what they would like to see happen in that space.”

“We’re quite open to that feedback. And that feedback’s going to allow us to develop the area so it’s a successful park space.”

This first phase of engagement will go until June 29. A second phase will go ahead in the fall.