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We’re Calgary’s newest independent daily news organization, dedicated to bringing you unique, relevant stories about the city and ones that affect your community.

LiveWire Calgary believes there’s a large, under-represented group (maybe even a majority?) of Calgarians who have lost their connection to media because it’s not connecting them to their community. This includes how your neighbourhood, quadrant, city and province fit together in one greater network of Albertans.

We want to change that.

Connected, engaged communities are better communities – and though there may be differences among citizens, we can all agree that we’re stronger together than we are divided. By sharing in the successes and stories of individuals and groups in the community we’re better able to understand and respect one another’s perspectives.

But, if you don’t hear about those stories, there’s nothing to bring you together. Think marshmallows for Rice Krispie squares. Without the marshmallow, everything just falls apart.

We want to be the marshmallow; we want to be that connection to your community and what binds us all together. We’re committed to shaping how we view our city, our sense of belonging and creating a greater understand of the similarities and differences between us.  We’ll be telling you stories from the street level to capture what’s happening in Calgary.

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