Do you want to get the message out about your Calgary community? Here’s your chance!

Below are our guidelines for the submission of community content.

Please note, prior approval for content is required as we set up the contributors as authors in our WordPress system. Contact for more details!

Community Contributor Guidelines

Thank you for participating in LiveWire Calgary!

One of the tenets in our model is to be entrenched in the community. To do that we need your contributions to find out what’s going in in your neighbourhoods. You are the ones connected to the people, the events and the street-level issues that are important to the city and to your community members.

We want to be THE hub for the exchange of community information all across Calgary – and we’re glad you can help us with that. We’re open to all sorts of ideas, so don’t be afraid to ask – but we thought we’d give you a few tips to help direct the information you provide.

Here are some basic guidelines:

  • Nothing’s too small. The nuanced information items (community garden opening, neighbourhood cleanups, high school drama production, area hockey fundraiser, etc.) bring the community closer together and help everyone in the process.
  • Community stories – Got something that’s feel-good? That’s what we want. Someone get a cool award? Community member makes a significant achievement? You raise $50,000 for a new natural park? Good stories help create the sense of a vibrant community.
  • Local issues – right down to a neighbourhood specific issue. These pieces need to be more about awareness (road in the area closed, park shut down for spraying, water main repair, parking issue) and not about your opinion on them.
  • No Opinion – This isn’t a forum for contributors’ opinions on certain issues in the city or even in their community. Since it’s a hub for information, we want to inform and help others make informed decisions.
  • Public awareness – City open houses, information sessions, etc. Good opportunity to get more people involved.

This should help you drum up a few ideas for posts.

Article guidelines:

  • Keep them under 350 words. Shorter bits are fine
  • If you have a photo, please send with the article – if you have multiple photos, great!
  • Video is also OK
  • Include links where applicable (these help direct people)

All material will be subject to edit.

If you’re comfortable posting direct to WordPress (or would like to know how to do it), we can set you up to do this as a contributor. Don’t worry, it will still be edited in WordPress before it goes live.

We should make clear that these contributions are non-paying contributions. Hopefully they are contributions you would otherwise be making to your community newsletter or community association website or other local publication. Our job is to get your information and community stories out there for others in your neighbourhood to see and to raise awareness in the rest of the city.

We’re open to other community ideas for content. Be creative! As long as it informs the community we’re not likely to turn it down.

Thanks again for your support with this endeavour. It really couldn’t be done without you. If you have any further questions or need clarifications on anything, please email our editor at

Talk with you soon – and looking forward to sharing what’s going on in your community!

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