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Calgary Co-op launches refreshed new membership platform

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Calgary Co-op is revolutionizing the way they reach their more than 440,000 members.

Company CEO Ken Keelor said they wanted to show greater value and make it easier for people to see the returns on their patronage to Calgary Co-op. Now, members of the grocery chain can capture their commitment live on the new Calgary Co-op membership app.

“Over the years since 1956, our customers’ needs have been changing and Calgary Co-op has been proactively responding to make sure that we’re ahead of trends,” Keelor said.

“The app is just another example of us modernizing and staying ahead of the trends to make sure we make it simpler, easier, more transparent as well as increasing the benefits for our customers.”

The new app underpins the membership overhaul, and one of the big features is clients will be able to see their patronage accumulate as they make purchases. Keelor said that’s a big change from only being able to see that once a year when the annual cheque arrives.

They’re adding features, too, including bonus cash tied to the in-store purchase on items.

“Essentially it’s a credit you can spend right back in any of our lines of business,” Keelor said.

Of course, what’s a membership app without games?

Keelor said that members will be able to access games on a weekly basis to win – it could be something free, or incremental savings on an item in the store.

It will also include personalized features, including offers on items that you buy most often, Keelor said.

More than 31,000 members have already downloaded and started using the Calgary Co-op app so far.

‘Transparency is paramount’

Keelor said that it was important for the company to take the next steps in improving transparency around their membership. It was a driving force behind the membership refresh.

“We live in a world where transparency is paramount,” Keelor said.

“We had to take the step to make sure that we shared with you what you’re earning as a member when you shop with us on a daily basis, not once a year.”

The app was an easy sell, Keelor said. People just have to open their phones right now to see how important it is to engage with their membership at the touch of a button. Ongoing member engagement was a key pillar in moving the app forward.

With the app, Keelor said the Calgary Co-op membership is much easier to understand – and therefore to sign up.

“Our patronage program has been fairly complicated; you get some in cash, some in shares, but who knows how much, right?”

“I think this is going to make things easier.”

It was also important for the organization to reduce the barriers to membership – including making it easier to get the app and ensuring that the sign-up process is simple.

Today is just the beginning, too.  Keelor said they’re already mapping out creative ways of engaging their membership base through the app.  That includes the potential to make future community donations.

“Truly, we plan to continue to stack more and more benefits on top of what you see today to make it exciting for you as you talk to each other,” Keelor said.

“Our members talk to each other a lot and say to each other, ‘hey, you should get this thing. It’s well worth it.’”

The new Calgary Co-op app is available at the Apple app store and on Google Play.

For more information visit the Calgary Co-op website.