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Common Ground YYC S3E5: Esmahan Razavi

For years, Esmahan Razavi has been a strong voice behind equal representation in Calgary’s municipal political scene. 

Having co-founded the Ask Her movement to improve the quantity and quality of female representation on municipal councils, Razavi has sought to ensure that people from different viewpoints are represented in the halls of power. 

She’s also a part of the Ward Zero YYC podcast team, sharing her perspectives on what’s happening in local politics. 

Razavi is no stranger to the political scene, and it started with the influence of her family’s interest in being informed and the hyper-political nature of her home country of Saudi Arabia. 

She’s had experience working with federal political campaigns and Razavi also ran municipally in Calgary’s Ward 6 back in 2017. 

It was her most recent stint as the campaign manager for Nagwan Al-Guneid and Diana Batten that brought her to the Common Ground YYC podcast. In two upset wins, Razavi helped deliver a strong Calgary NDP showing in the city. 

We wanted to know more about Razavi, how her worldview was shaped by events in her life, and then go behind the scenes to see how she helped pull off razor-thin victories in Calgary Glenmore and Calgary Acadia.