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Temporary water stations coming to downtown to help Calgarians beat heat

Over the coming days, the City of Calgary will be installing temporary water stations at locations across the Downtown Core, East Village, and West Village, and Beltline to help people stay hydrated and beat the heat.

Each station includes a drinking fountain, water bottle filling station, pet drinking station, and a mister that is activated with a button push.

“Drinking water and misting yourself can help bring your core body temperature down, which can help prevent dangerous heat-related illnesses during high temperatures,” said Coby Duerr, Deputy Chief of Emergency Management Operations for The City of Calgary.

Deputy Chief Deurr said that the stations were being installed temporarily until mid-September, weather depending, as a pilot program.

The stations’ effectiveness and usefulness at the locations chosen for the pilot program will be studied, he said.

The water stations were due to be installed earlier in the summer but were delayed by supply chain issues.

Safely enjoying the summer weather with water

Mayor Jyoti Gondek said that the City of Calgary wants people to be able to enjoy the remaining summer weather, safely.

“The stations will provide access to water in areas that typically receive high foot traffic to help residents, visitors and four-legged friends stay hydrated and cool when the temperature rises,” she said.

The first station has been installed on the sidewalk at 418 Riverfront Avenue SE, just west of Reconciliation bridge, and near the Riverfront pathway system.

Other stations will be installed near Tompkins Park, the Hudson Bay Building on Stephen Avenue, near the Provincial Court House, and at Shaw Millennium Park.

Calgarians are being asked to stay safe this summer by avoiding working or exercising outdoors during heat events, taking breaks indoors, and wearing UV blocking sunglasses and clothing.

Pets should also never be left inside vehicles that are exposed to direct sunlight.

The City of Calgary is also reminding Calgarians that heat stroke is a medical emergency and that anyone suffering symptoms such as acting very confused, anxious, or restless, having trouble breathing, not sweating at all despite the heat, or passing out, should call 911.