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Flip the Script exhibition celebrates Canadian art and history at Fort Calgary

A celebration of Canadian art and history is set to unveil this Saturday, July 29.

A collaboration between ART SPOT and Fort Calgary has culminated in a 150-person art exhibition at Fort Calgary’s replica barracks.

This exhibit will feature a display of new art on both floors. Artists from different backgrounds, including professionals, emerging talents, and youth, were all invited by ART SPOT to participate.

ART SPOT aimed to empower artists, and promote artistic expression as a means of fostering community connections and creating positive change.

Jennifer Thompson, President of Fort Calgary, expressed her enthusiasm for the opportunity to showcase Calgary’s diversity.

“For a really long time, Fort Calgary focused on one story, the story of the North West Mounted Police on this land. There’s a lot more to tell,” she said.

“This area has so much natural beauty, so much community, and a vast history — what better way to explore these things than through the eyes of local artists?”

Art a way for emerging artists to make their voices heard

Emma Justine, the visionary founder of ART SPOT, expressed her gratitude for all the local artists that made this exhibit happen.

“Art is a powerful tool to make your voice heard and to impact positive change,” she said.

“We have such a wonderfully diverse community of artists that have created custom collections to tell the story of what Fort Calgary means to them. This is really going to be a special exhibition.”

In addition to the exhibit, opening day on July 29 will feature an opening reception with food, drinks, live music, and other entertainment. The opening event is free to attend, and coincides with Inglewood’s Sunfest and Folk Fest on Prince’s Island Park.

Visitors will have the chance to purchase the displayed artworks during the opening event and throughout the exhibition, which will run until November 9, 2023.