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Event tech company Eventcombo makes $10M investment in Calgary HQ

The CEO of a New York-based event tech company said the talent transformation happening in Calgary is a big driver behind their decision to build a new North American HQ in the city.

Eventcombo, an “all-in-one event technology” announced Wednesday that it’s investing $10 million over a three-year period in order to expand its operations. The company, with support from Invest Alberta and Calgary Economic Development hope to create 250 jobs to help serve their worldwide clientbase.

Joseph Schow, Minister of Tourism and Sport said the $10 million investment is a shot in the arm for Alberta’s tech and business growth while fostering Alberta’s talented workforce. 

“These jobs will contribute to the economic prosperity of our province and further solidify Calgary as a thriving economic hub for technology and innovation,” said Schow. 

Eventcombo offers management of registration, ticketing, attendee interaction, marketing, branding, AI automation and analytics for in-person, virtual or hybrid events. As an event management group, Eventcombo plans to use artificial intelligence and algorithms to aid in offering event organizers tools to enhance attendee experience and engagement. 

Saroosh Gull, CEO of Eventcombo said that along with support from the company’s partners, there were three main reasons why the company decided to build headquarters in Calgary. The first reason was the welcoming atmosphere that Calgary facilitates. The second reason was the geographic location of the city. The third reason was the emerging talent. 

 “There is a talent transformation happening here that we know we’ll be able to contribute to and also leverage,” said Gull. 

Support for Calgary’s thriving tech and innovation sector

Invest Alberta and Calgary Economic Development have supported Eventcombo’s plan to relocate to Calgary by providing guidance in the local business and investment scene.  

“Calgary attracts innovators that are revolutionizing industries with advanced technology like AI and machine learning. Eventcombo’s selection of Calgary for its North American headquarters is a testament to Calgary’s attractive business environment, livability and bright minds who want to make a difference,” said Brad Parry, President and CEO of Calgary Economic Development.

Schow said that Eventcombo’s presence in Calgary represents more than just physical headquarters but that it signifies a partnership between Invest Alberta, Calgary Economic Development and the entire community that embraced this opportunity. 

“The decision to anchor operations here in Alberta is a testament to the incredible opportunities that exist in our province,” said Schow.

“Alberta’s world-class talent, state-of-the-art research, low tax, [and] business environment creates ideal conditions for companies like Eventcombo to innovate and revolutionize industries.” 

Gull reiterated that the moving of the headquarters to Calgary wasn’t about monetary incentive. He said you can make money anywhere; this was more about the bridges built for the business. 

“Every city has overlapping complementary factors. Calgary is just like every other city but the biggest difference for me was … the warm reception, the open arms,” said Gull.