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New home upgrades program now offered for low-income Calgary residents

Residents in Calgary who are struggling with the rising costs of energy can expect help in the form of The Home Upgrades Program.

Alberta Ecotrust Foundation and Kambo Energy are launching The Home Upgrades Program where lower-income homeowners can reduce their energy consumption through deep energy retrofits and energy education.

Alberta is the last Canadian province to install a home energy efficiency program to support households who are having trouble with the costs related to heating or cooling their homes. Yasmin Abraham, President and Co-Founder of Kambo Energy Group said the program will not only help financially but will also ease the mental strain that comes with the sky-high energy prices.

“Some families have never even touched their thermostat, so while upgrades are a powerful tool to reduce energy consumption, ensuring participants feel comfortable and confident in their homes is equally important to the success of this program,” Abraham said.

“By taking a community-focused approach, we’re providing households with impactful upgrades to reduce consumption.”

In Calgary, The Home Upgrades Program will partner with Alberta Ecotrust through the Climate Innovation Fund, Alberta Real Estate Foundation, Calgary Foundation, City of Calgary, ENMAX, McConnell Foundation, and Suncor Energy Foundation to bring education and home upgrades to hundreds of households.

“ENMAX is proud to partner with Alberta Ecotrust Foundation and Kambo Energy Group to invest in the Home Upgrades program,” said Corry Poole, VP, Retail Mass Market and Customer Experience, ENMAX Energy.

“The program gives more Albertans access to home upgrades, to make their homes safer, more comfortable and more energy efficient.”

According to energypoverty.ca, one in five Alberta households currently experiences a high home energy cost burden. This program will look to address this issue while also continuing Canada’s plan of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“Alberta Ecotrust will demonstrate, with its partner Kambo Energy Group, what a long-term solution in Alberta looks like to address energy poverty while also assisting in mitigating climate change,” says Mike Mellross, Program Director at Alberta Ecotrust Foundation.

Details of the program will be shared with communities in Alberta and across Canada. To learn more or apply visit www.homeupgradesprogram.ca.