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Calgary performing arts group The SHOW is ready to take on their next batch of young stars

The SHOW is looking for its next top homegrown stars for this upcoming theatre season.

The SHOW is a local performing arts group that offers professional training to advanced dancers and singers ages 16-25. They are holding auditions this weekend and are looking to bring 16 dancers and singers onto their team.

The group’s main purpose is to offer up a favourable situation in which performers can balance other interests while getting professional theatre training and hands-on experience with many high-level gigs.

Scott Henderson, co-director and co-founder who also teaches vocals at the SHOW, said the number one priority is keeping talent in Calgary.

“We were just seeing way too many students we were working with get to a high level of skill and leave our city for other opportunities,” Henderson said.

“Or they would quit because they didn’t see it as something viable they could do in Calgary anymore and they didn’t have the funds to do it anymore, and we just saw way too much of that so that’s why we founded The SHOW.”

The SHOW only operates two days a week (Monday and Thursday), which gives performers flexibility in their schedules, while also keeping costs low.

Some of the content they produce involves their two stage productions (the Christmas and spring production), music videos, and more.

Some of the high-level gigs The SHOW has been involved with in the past include The Entrepreneurship Awards, The Celebration of the Arts Awards, and The Candy Cane Gala at the Alberta Children’s Hospital fundraiser.

The importance of keeping young artists in Calgary is the main driving point for the SHOW but they still understand that people may want to eventually go elsewhere during their careers.

The SHOW has seen a good amount of alumni success with some former performers going on to have successful careers with Cirque du Soleil, performing with artists like Michael Bublé, and booking gigs on cruise lines or even The Junos.

Auditions will take place Sunday, May 28 from 6 to 8 p.m. To sign up you can click the link here. Once you’ve submitted yourself to audition, more info will be emailed to you about time, location, and other audition specifics.