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New Calgary bicycle pump track opens at West Confederation Park

As spring takes hold, another pedal of sorts is emerging at a new bicycle pump track in northwest Calgary.

Parks Foundation’s new bicycle pump track was opened Saturday, offering cyclists of all ages and abilities an exciting new space to ride and train.

A bicycle pump track is a closed-circuit track made of dirt, gravel, or other materials, consisting of various banked turns, jumps, and rollers that allow cyclists to ride and maneuver by generating momentum by pumping in the twist, turns, rises and drops – rather than pedaling.

Parks Foundation Calgary, a non-profit organization that enhances city parks and promotes outdoor recreation opportunities, has previously helped build two other pump tracks in the city. There’s one in Inglewood and another in South Glenmore Park. This one is the first track in the north.

Parks Foundation CEO, Sheila Taylor, attended the opening of the track Saturday.

“This one is really unique because the tracks are very long, and the junior track, which is designed for kids, is the longest track in the city. So we expect we’ll have a lot of really young kids out, even as young as two or three years old, trying the track,” she said.

“This is the first one on the north side of the city, so it’ll serve a lot of people who are looking to come out and practice their biking.”

The track is located on the SE corner of West Confederation Park adjacent to 19 Street NW and is well-connected to the city’s pathway systems. There is ample seating in the park and access to nearby washroom facilities. The track offers an intermediate track for experienced riders and a beginners’ track for newcomers and less experienced riders. 

Biking terrain for all ages

Overhead view of the West Confederation Park Pump Track. COURTESY CALGARY PARKS FOUNDATION

These tracks are not only for kids, as many people around the city constantly request more pump tracks in local parks.

“At the Parks Foundation, we work with donors and communities to create park projects. Pump tracks are the number one request we get from the locals. The sport of biking, whether it’s BMX or mountain biking, is really growing,” she says.

“I would say these parks are for all ages and abilities. You will have kids as young as two years old out here, and you’ll have seniors and family as well. So it’s bringing a whole new user group to parks. Instead of them being at home, they’re out here, being active and healthy.”

Dozens of locals gathered for the opening ceremony, which included the cutting of a ribbon, and even a visit from Harvey the Hound.

Local resident Katherine Stotschek attended the opening and commented on the track.

“It’s really nice to see how kids of all ages are coming out to try the track out,” she said.

“It’s a great addition to an already amazing park. People are so excited about the track and what else this park has to offer.”

For more details on this pump track, and the other two in the city, please visit the Parks Foundations website.

The pump track was made possible by a partnership between Parks Foundation, Prairies Economic Development Canada, the City of Calgary and the Flames Foundation.