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Group weekend day passes coming for Calgary Transit

Unlimited weekend travel group passes, for up to five people are coming to Calgary Transit this weekend.

The passes which cost $15, launch on April 15, will allow groups, with a maximum of two adults, to travel on buses and CTrains all-day until the end of service.

The $15 price is the same as what unlimited weekend passes for a single passenger cost on GO Transit in Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area, and just slightly more than a single-user weekend pass for STM in Montreal.

“We know that for a lot of families or groups travelling together, the price to get around can really add up,” said Coun. Kourtney Penner, in a prepared release.

“This discounted fare will make it easier for them to choose transit to get where they’re going.”

The passes will be available through the Calgary Transit My Fare app and from ticket vending machines at CTrain stations.

Gerald Warchow, a Calgary father of two, said the weekend day pass would be a great way to go out with his family without worrying about parking.

“Parking is always a huge consideration when going out, sometimes my wife and I get stressed because there’s no parking nearby and then that sort of brings the mood down,” Warchow said.

“With this pass, the kids and us [my wife and I] get to enjoy the city without parking stressing, especially now since the weather’s getting so nice.”

Calgarian Jeremy Sitar said hockey games would be more enjoyable thanks to the pass.

“Going to hockey games with friends is something I like to do every time I can. Being able to pay less and kind of organize the train rides with them is cool,” said Sitar.

“I think it’s a great initiative to get more people on transit and kind of remind folks of the fun in going out, especially at an affordable price.”

According to Amanda Bradley, Calgary Transit Relations, Design and Planning Specialist, weekend passes were recommended by council, aimed at riders who don’t use transit to commute, but for special events on the weekends.

“We would like to see if a reduced fare makes taking transit more appealing for these groups,” Bradley said.

As for verifying the groups keep to five people per party, officers will confirm verbally with riders when a group weekend pass is presented.

“When it comes to checking fares, when our officers see a weekend group day pass, they’ll just confirm the group with the customer holding the pass,” she said.