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Calgary Youth Employment Hiring Fair brings 5,000 entry-level positions

Local organizations are coming together to host a youth hiring fair, with the aim of connecting young job seekers with a variety of entry-level positions and career growth opportunities.

The City of Calgary’s Youth Employment Centre (YEC) is set to offer its annual youth hiring fair for the 24th year, at The Big Four Building in Stampede Park, on Thursday, April 6, 1:30 to 6:00 p.m.

With more than 80 employers looking to fill over 5,000 positions, people aged 15 to 25 will have the opportunity to start building connections. 

As summer approaches, many young people are looking to get a seasonal position that’ll earn them some cash. Employers at the fair will be looking to fill seasonal, full-time and part-time positions – as well as some internships and apprenticeships.

A variety of industries will be present at the fair. Sectors that are represented include hospitality, food services, retail sales, customer service trades, social support services, recreation, financial sports, and entertainment.

“The nice thing for people attending is that it’s a good opportunity to speak with multiple employers. There’s such a good variety,” Leita Blasetti, a spokesperson for the YEC said.

Preparing and dressing to impress will go a long way in this fair.

“We’re happy to see our candidates. Prepare, prepare, prepare and look at our website, and most importantly, come dressed like you’re going to a job interview because you might get an interview,” Blasetti said.

Prepare for the fair

Before attending the event, the YEC encourages people to attend the employment centre for advice on how to craft a professional and snappy resume. They also offer advice on how to brush up on interview skills with no appointment necessary.

“There are a few ways to get prepared for the fair. Obviously, looking at our website… there is information to help us get prepared to attend as well as a list of the participating employers,” Blasetti said.

On their website, YEC has an organized list by the age that employers hire, so that they know the candidates know whom they can talk to. 

The fair is an inclusive event with a thought-out pool of employers looking to hire attendees for entry-level positions. Since neither experience nor college degrees will be needed to get a job at the fair, the event is friendly to all interested people.

YEC recommends taking a look at their website to scan for approximately 10 employers of the applicants’ liking. Crafting a special resume for these employers is helpful for making good first impressions and potentially getting a call-back.

“There could be employers taking resumes and calling back right away. Some employers might do interviews on the spot. Some might ask candidates just to apply online, so any of those potentials can happen,” Blasetti said.