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Downtown Calgary CTrain platform lights upgraded for rider safety

Calgary Transit announced the completion of an upgrade project to improve visibility at night for transit passengers and staff in the Downtown Core.

Stations from Downtown West/Kerby to City Hall had brighter lights installed, which Calgary Transit said was done to enhance safety on all of the platforms.

The upgraded lights use high-efficiency LEDs, which the service said will also reduce overall energy consumption and maintenance costs.

“Calgarians and customers will notice the drastic difference in the increased lighting levels,” said Sharon Fleming, Director of Calgary Transit.

“As we continue to take steps to improve transit riders’ safety and customer comfort, increased visibility is key to helping our team investigate situations and dispatch personnel as quickly as possible.”

Among the benefits touted by Calgary Transit from the recently installed lighting is improved visibility for security staff, and better quality of video from security cameras located at the downtown stations.

Calgary Transit operates more than 1,200 CCTV security cameras across the CTrain system.

Transit said that when a customer uses any of the help buttons located on the platforms, staff at the Operations Control Centre get an immediate view of the surrounding area, and can dispatch peace officers or other emergency personnel based on what they see.

Riders can text 74100 to report safety concerns, call 262-1000, or use the help button on any of the platforms.