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Kingsland school set for demolition this summer

The school site was declared surplus in 2020 and added to Calgary's land portfolio in 2021.

The City of Calgary will demolish the vacant Kingsland school this summer and return it to green space while a new plan is being developed for the site.

Word finally came down from the city on what’s next for the site after it was decommissioned and declared surplus back in 2020.

Work was undertaken to assess the property and potential future uses. At that time, the city considered the health and safety of occupants, building condition and the required investment, among other factors.

According to the city, there is extensive roof damage, a deteriorating roof envelope, and the presence of mould requiring masking on site.

“The facility is no longer safe for inhabitants and its repair is not functionally or financially feasible,” the City states on a webpage dedicated to the demolition.

Ward 11 Coun. Kourtney Penner said it’s unfortunate the community of Kingsland is losing a building.

“I think what it goes to show is we have work to do on talking about protecting public infrastructure and what our plans are around our capital reinvestment,” Penner said.

In addition to the school, the playgrounds on the site are nearing the end of their lifecycle, the city said. As a result, they will be removed at the same time as the demolition of the building.

The City said they didn’t know if the playgrounds were a part of the future use.

Green space retention is critical

Previously, Kingsland Community Association president Charlotte Quickel said that the community wanted the greenspace preserved.

“That Kingsland school site is a very large chunk of green space sitting right in the heart of Kingsland, one that we care about a lot and definitely want to make sure is preserved in the future,” she said back in January.

We reached out to Quickel for comment on the demolition but didn’t receive a response.

Penner said they would be working with the community to determine the future use of that space.

“What we will do is protect that green space for the community and work to develop something that truly serves them in the future,” she said.

The City said that the existing green space – including ball diamonds and soccer fields – will remain. City crews will continue with snow removal and mowing and tree care.

For now, the City said there are no future plans for the site. No timeline has been set for discussions on the site’s future either.

Demolition on the site is expected this summer.