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Parks Canada to close Moraine Lake Road to personal vehicles in the summer of 2023

It’s going to take some planning to get to the majestic Moraine Lake this summer.

Parks Canada won’t be allowing personal vehicles on Moraine Lake Road in the summer of 2023.

The Banff National Parks, Parks Canada Twitter posted the message on Friday afternoon.

On the Parks Canada site, they explain why the decision was made.

“Demand to reach Moraine Lake far exceeds available parking. In 2022, traffic flaggers were required 24 hours a day to manage the demand for access,” the webpage reads.

“During the peak of summer 2022, the parking lot remained full nearly 24 hours a day.”

They said that traffic control ensured that safe access was maintained, but that it impacted the visitor experience to the area. Most visitors were turned away due to a lack of parking.

There are still options to get to Moraine Lake, including the Parks Canada shuttle, Roam Transit and using another commercial transport providers. This includes taxis, guided tours and chartered busses.

“Bicycles, including pedal assist e-bikes will be allowed on Moraine Lake Road. Visitors will be able to access the lake by bicycle. The journey is 25 km round trip,” the website states.

Parks Canada said they would be running more shuttles in 2023 to accommodate for the increased number of visitors.

Full details on the road closure can be found here.