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Data: Calgary gas prices before and after Alberta’s fuel tax rebate

Many Albertans were expecting fuel price relief Jan. 1 but instead found gas prices higher than they've been in more than a month.

The province said that so far gas prices at local stations across Alberta are reflective of current market conditions.

Alberta’s fuel tax rebate, which was already partially in effect due to former Premier Jason Kenney’s announcement last year, was fully implemented on Jan. 1.  The full fuel tax amount is $13.6 cents/litre.

Calgarians were largely enjoying fuel prices ranging from $1.09 to $1.15 / litre around the holidays. In recent days, the price jumped to $1.35 and remained in that area – save for a few stations still offering discounted prices.

That caught the attention of Calgarians.

But, Dale Nally, MLA for Morinville-St.Albert and Minister of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction posted to Twitter (first tweet with a brand new account as of January 2023) about the reduction.

“We expect fuel retailers to pass on these savings to their customers and are monitoring prices to ensure there’s no evidence of price gouging,” he wrote.

Premier Danielle Smith also chimed in, in a quote-tweet of Nally’s account.

“And we’ll ensure these savings are passed along from retailers to Alberta consumers,” she tweeted.

According to the gas price predictions website Gas Wizard.ca, Calgary and Edmonton still do have the lowest fuel prices across Canada. The average is around 15 cents per litre cheaper.

The province said they will be monitoring gas prices around Alberta for potential price gouging by retailers.

Data on local fuel prices

LWC’s Aryn Toombs whipped up some gas price visuals for Calgary, Alberta.