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Calgary Transit launching free fares for 12 and under in 2023

Beginning on Jan. 1, children aged 12 and under will no longer have to pay to use Calgary Transit.

Previously, only children under the age of six were able to travel free on busses and C-Trains.

As for how the age limits will be enforced, Calgary Transit communications and information lead Stephen Tauro said that they would be using the honour system to begin with.

“We will be closely monitoring things to see how it goes and will be working on a way to make it easier for customers and employees to verify the age of those 12 and under.”

Children or their guardians are asked to inform transit operators, or transit peace officers, if they are 12 or under to take advantage of the free transportation.

Passes and fares will be required for those over 12, with youth rates continuing to be available for teens aged 13 through 17, and for adults attending high school between the ages of 18 and 21.

The one-time fare for youth will be $2.45 in 2023, and monthly passes will be $82.

For more details, see Calgary Transit’s fares and passes website.