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Youth Singers return to Jubilee with family friendly, affordable Christmas show

For months, the Youth Singers have been preparing for their big return to the Jubilee stage, but drama has been brewing behind the scenes.

That is the setup for this year’s Youth Singer performance, which upends the traditional Christmas fare with a performance-within-a-performance that connects classic Christmas songs, dancing, and a storyline with more than a few twists.

Twas the Night Before Curtains is playing for one night only on Dec. 11 at the Southern Jubilee Auditorium.

On the performance-within-a-performance, Megan Emmett, CEO of Youth Singers of Calgary, said that the full night of entertainment would be highlighted by the drama that ends in a heartwarming Christmas way.

“There’s some antics happening behind the scenes that threaten the curtain going up on time,” she said.

Emmett said that audiences would be getting “the joy of seeing youth and kids perform Christmas favorites, traditional carols, as well as contemporary arrangements of songs like Christmas songs, pop songs, and a heartwarming story line with a great Christmas message.”

“It’s a great kickoff to your Christmas season.”

Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster, and range from $31 to $53 depending on seats.

Production began in July

Emmett said that the performance planning, organizing, practicing, and rehearsals began in July of this year.

“The kids got the music in September, and they started working on it in earnest in October,” she said.

“But really, it builds on foundational skills that we work with year-round in our program.”

She said that it has been an incredible experience for the students in the Youth Singers program to get to perform on the Jubilee stage.

“Even though we do this every year, there’s new kids coming through, so for them it’s an incredible experience,” Emmett said.

“Being backstage and seeing all the dressing rooms and the pathways and just the excitement of a real professional stage is an incredible experience.”

The past few years of having modified or reduced opportunities to gather, especially for the youngest Youth Singers, said Emmett, makes having this year’s full performance a special one.

“We’re really excited to have the whole gang up there back to our whole community together,” she said.

“The other thing I’ll say is that this coming weekend, we have our big giant production prep work workshop, so this will be the first time they’re in their wardrobe, the first time they’re in their hair and their full makeup. Everyone’s very busy right now getting those last finishing touches together so that they’re ready.”

Family friendly fun at an affordable price

Emmett said that for families looking for a way to both take in some Christmas entertainment this season, and also support the struggling arts sector in Calgary, Twas’ the Night Before Curtain would be a good performance to pick.

“So if you’re looking at your Christmas spending that this is a great way to support your community, as well as having truly an unforgettable night out, it’s great for families, it’s great for kids, it’s great for all sorts of ages,” Emmett said.

“You’ll find something to enjoy in the show.”

She said that the price of $34 to $53 a ticket makes it an affordable show to see, compared to other Christmas performances this year.

“The Jubilee Auditorium is a beautiful place to bring the whole family and really enjoy it as Albertans,” she said.

“It’s part of our communal legacy.”

And as for attending the performance itself, Emmet said that the proceeds would be going towards the Youth Singers registered charity and supporting kids of all ages to take part in the arts.

“You’re supporting a registered charity that provides excellent programming for youth, in addition to having a wonderful night.”

For more details, see www.youthsingers.org/performance/twas-the-night-before-curtain.