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Approval paves the way for Bowness secondary street signs

Secondary street names for Bowness cleared a planning hurdle, as the Calgary Planning Commission recommended their council approval Thursday.

The plan to have 17 secondary street names is a tribute to the community’s early town status before it was annexed by Calgary in 1964. The effort was spearheaded by the Bowness Historical Society and the application came forward over the summer.

The proposed names were selected through a historic Town of Bowness map found at the University of Calgary. The names were verified through a map of the former town found in the City of Calgary archives.

The current Bowness Road names. SCREENSHOT
The Bowness secondary road names. SCREENSHOT

The secondary names are not for addressing purposes. They would be marked similarly to many signs found on streets in the Beltline and Mission areas of Calgary.

Anne Campbell with the Bowness Historical Society said they’re trying to keep some of their past history alive.

“We have a lot of long-time residents here who have, for a number of years, suggested that we have something up giving the old street names,” she said.

Ward 7 Coun. Terry Wong, who sits on CPC, thanked Campbell for the community and historical society’s efforts.

“This is one of the things as a councillor, a city councillor, that we cherish, and that’s the history and heritage and culture of all the city’s compartments,” he said.

Before the signs are acquired and installed, the item will still need final approval at an upcoming full meeting of Calgary city council.