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Calgary production company promotes body positivity through Bollywood film

What’s inside really does count.

That’s what Calgary production company, Kapoor Films Inc., hopes comes across in their co-produced film, Saroj Ka Rishta.

On Sept 16, Calgary’s Cineplex Theatres screened Saroj Ka Rishta, a film with the message of body positivity.

Calgary-based cardiologist, innovator, philanthropist and CEO, Dr. Anmol Kapoor, said the message of the film was essential as it promotes equal treatment, acceptance and confidence. This is emphasized by Saroj, the main character of the film who is played by Indian actress, Sanah Kapur.

“Body shaming is a problem in all societies. We somehow evolved with too much emphasis on the way we look and we forget that we should be looking at someone’s heart,” said Kapoor.

Saroj Ka Rishta follows the unique story of Saroj as she navigates finding a husband with challenges of insecurity and confidence as her family encourages her to marry.

Saroj tries to catch the eye of her dream man by trying to lose weight after learning he prefers “slim women.” However, losing weight is difficult for her general carefree lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Saroj’s personal trainer falls in love with her during their gym training sessions.

Father-daughter relationship

The message of body positivity has been portrayed in other films. But, according to Kapoor, Saroj Ka Rishta takes a different angle. It’s one he hasn’t seen much in Bollywood movies – the focus on the father-daughter relationship.

According to Kapoor, the father’s character show encouragement and support in helping his daughter find her strength and self-reliance.

“I have come across some movies in the past, of this sort, that disappointed me,” said Kapoor.

“In Saroj Ka Rishta, the father is the encouraging friend that pushes his daughter to think positively about herself and focus on who she is rather than what she looks like in association with getting married or finding a husband.”

Saroj Ka Rishta isn’t the first film for Kapoor that showcases topics of body positivity.

Kapoor Film Inc. also produced Phullu – a film that focused on ending the silence and shame of menstruation.

According to Kapoor, the cinema is a great way to showcase certain such as body positivity. It educates societies on the importance of body image, body positivity and self-love.

“Movies are a mass entertainment medium, and it’s a great way to not only entertain people, but to also get positive messages across. That’s my goal as both a producer and a physician,” said Kapoor.

The film is showing at select theatres. Go online for tickets.