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Carra ethics apology coming to Calgary city council on July 26

A public apology is coming from a Calgary city councillor caught up in an ethics breach over a piece of undisclosed property.

Ward 9 Coun. Gian-Carlo Carra told media Tuesday that an apology would be forthcoming at the July 26 Combined Meeting of Council.

Carra was sanctioned by Calgary’s integrity commissioner earlier this month after he was found to have breached the council code of ethics by not disclosing property he had an interest in prior to the last election.

The commissioner’s report also shows that it wasn’t disclosed at other points during Carra’s terms on council.

It prompted a notice of motion coming to the Executive Committee on Wednesday for a technical review. That motion is asking for the investigation into Carra’s dealing to be forwarded to the Calgary police and the province. 

Couns. Jennifer Wyness and Sonya Sharp will be bringing that forward for consideration. Coun. Sharp told LiveWire Calgary on Monday that there are other factors in play here, like the Municipal Government Act.

“It’s Council’s job to consider accountability and transparency when it comes to the perceived conflicts of interest in ethical matters, and then forward those off to the right governing bodies, which is clearly stated in this notice of motion,” she said.

‘Sheepish and chagrined’: Carra

When speaking to reporters at the Jack Long Park redevelopment, Carra said he was glad that we hold politicians to high ethical standards.

He didn’t want to comment directly on the upcoming notice of motion.

“I’m very pleased with the integrity commissioner’s findings regarding a whole host of allegations regarding the fact that I just was seeking to work with my neighbours to build a home for my family in the community where my mom was born,” he said.

“I am however sheepish and chagrined that in doing all of that work over the last seven years, I failed to disclose on a piece of paper that I should have a closer line of sight to and I’m happy that I’m being held to that account.”

Carra said he’ll be offering the apology because of his failure to do so.

“I’m hoping that this example that I’m setting will help put that piece of paper more front and center for my colleagues on council for Calgarians to review and will help hold all of our elected officials here in the City of Calgary to better account,” Carra said.

  • With files from Aryn Toombs