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Calgary Stampede Day 3: Weekend recap and look ahead

Massive attendance numbers are once again the story of this year’s Calgary Stampede.

Three full days in and nearly half a million people have gone through the turnstiles at this year’s Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.  Attendance on Sunday was 164,520, bringing the 3.5-day total to 436,464.

It’s a big day today for 26 soon-to-be Canadians as they will become Canadian citizens in a ceremony at the BMO Amphitheatre today at 11 a.m.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited a local breakfast hosted by Calgary MP George Chahal and then visited the Stampede grounds. There, the PM learned a little more about the chuckwagons and track safety.  He also spoke with the Calgary Stampede’s lead veterinarian, Dr. Renaud Leguillette.

The rodeo (photos below) got into its third day (results here), as did the Cowboys Rangeland Derby (results here).

The Cutting Horse Competition goes today (that’s what you see a lot in the TV show Yellowstone with those expensive horses and the quick stops and starts) at noon. It’s the only day for the cutting horses.

Watch for Tuesday and Wednesday, the Calgary Stampede has value days ahead with some free admission opportunities (Wed. is BMO Kids Day).

The heat also ratchets up this week, with temperatures predicted in the 30s. Make sure you have your sunscreen and drink lots of water while you’re out there.

Rodeo – Day 3 photos