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Local rapper True Mamba behind the Calgary Flames’ official playoff anthem

‘Flame on my chest, this is what I breathe…’

WE LIT! by Calgarian, Akrit Jawanda, also known as True Mamba, has been chosen as the Calgary Flames official playoff anthem.

The song is officially licensed to the Calgary Flames, which will allow it to be used at the Scotiabank Saddledome and be published on the Calgary Flames’ social media platforms through the 2022 Stanley Cup playoffs.

Jawanda initially released the song back in 2019. However, there have been three versions in total. The third and newest version is the one chosen by the Calgary Flames.

Jawanda said his first (2019) version got him on the Calgary Flames’ radar.

“People were starting to kind of get a gist of who I am, but I think 2020 is where people started to get familiar with the track and that’s where the Flames organization started to support it,” said Jawanda.

The latest version of the song is a mesh of the two previous versions.

“[The] 2019 track is for hardcore fans. It has a battle queue kind of sound, it’s very theatrical. It sounds like you’re gonna go into battle. The 2020 track appeals to the masses. That [version] was able to kind of hit every person,” he said.

For his love of the Calgary Flames

Jawanda initially decided to do the song because of his love for the hockey team. It’s a way to represent the city, he told LiveWire Calgary

Through the song and the music video, Jawanda wanted to portray the love he’s had for the Calgary Flames since he was a young boy.

“It definitely means a lot to me that an organization such as the Calgary Flames believes in me as an artist,” Jawanda said.

“[Since] I was almost four years old, that passion definitely came from 2004 when we made our cup run. You can see there’s a home video near the end [of the clip] where I’m watching a Stanley cup run that we had. I think that’s where the passion came from. I’ve been a Flames fan my entire life,” he said.

Jawanda also met Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek on May 18. It was Jawanda’s first time meeting the mayor.

“I was honoured, honestly, very honoured. It’s a privilege to receive an invite from the leader of our city. Her inviting me shows what kind of belief and support she has [for] the song,” said Jawanda.

Jawanda hopes Calgarians can relate to his song, and share that love for the Calgary Flames.

“If people can connect with this song and share it as much as possible, get it out in the city, share it with your friends and family, I appreciate everyone’s support,” he said.

He’s also thankful to the Calgary Flames team and the Flames organization for taking the chance on him.

He had a message for his team hours before game two in the Battle of Alberta.

“Let’s just go win!”