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Ward Zero – S2E5: Recall Act, polling numbers, thin blue line

The trio tackles a host of items in the latest Ward Zero episode – including some ‘sweet’ hot takes, and quick hits on a number of different Calgary items.

Led by Esmahan Razavi, Jeremy Zhao and LiveWire Calgary editor Darren Krause, dive into the province’s Recall Act and how it might impact the Sean Chu situation. They also talk about the recent polling done by ThinkHQ on the mayor and city council’s performance.

After that, the discussion turns to a recent LWC investigation on donor disclosures, including who donated the most, who they donated to, and even who had the best winning percentage among donors.

Finally, they tackle the controversial thin blue line issue. Each shares there perspective on how troubling the conversation – and situation – has become, and if it’s possible to salvage things.