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Ward Zero – S2E3: MGA, Beltline protests and Calgary Transit safety

The team digs into a number of hot-button issues in Calgary over the past couple of weeks, including reopening the Municipal Government Act, Calgary Transit safety and how the city fared in the provincial budget.

We also talk about Beltline protests and in the absence of public health measures… will the so-called freedom protests still jam up Calgary neighbourhoods?

We capped this episode at 60 mins, but we talked for 90. That means LiveWire Calgary Patreon members will be getting a boatload of bonus content. That includes 20 minutes on Calgary campaign disclosures (I know, right?!).

PLUS: We should now be on all (or most) of your favourite podcast providers. So look us up.

Stay tuned… We’re toying with the idea of a live episode of Ward Zero where listeners can participate in the conversation.