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Ward Zero – S2E2: Council conduct, masks and relationships – PLUS sweet hot takes

Welcome back to the Ward Zero podcast – so happy to have you aboard.

In this episode, Esmahan Razavi kicks things off with back-to-back hot takes – one of them is super hot (literally). The three hot takes actually wind themselves – inadvertently – together to start off the show.

Then, Esmahan, along with co-hosts Jeremy Zhao and LiveWire Calgary editor, Darren Krause, talk about council conduct. They bring up recent issues with Ward 9 Coun. Gian-Carlo Carra and former mayor Chief of Staff Stephen Carter. The question comes up: Are councillors running to the city ethics adviser just because someone says something they don’t like? Slippery slope, Darren thinks.

The team also talks about the recent decision to pair up with the province on the Covid mask situation. No data? OK – let’s just go with the province. Esmahan said it speaks to a bigger issue in how the province views cities. (We’ve also got bonus content for LiveWire Calgary members (unlocked for all patrons this time!) on this topic – we dig into how this might impact city charters.)

They finish things up with some quick hits and planning is underway for the next episode. We’re talking about doing a live show… what?